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Thank you for your interest in Iran Airtour VA.

Iran Airtour VA is always looking for new pilots of all expirence levels. Please read over our rules.

1- I am atleast eighteen (18) years or older.
2- I have a legal copy of a supported flight simulator.
3- I understand that I must fly my first flight before next 72h after accepting my account.
4- I understand that I must fly at least one flight every 30 days (one month).
5- I understand that Iran Airtour VA has the right to remove any pilot from the virtual airline at any time for any reason we deem fit.
6- I understand that I must use my real identity to join Iran Airtour VA.
7- I will show professionalism and realism at all times.
8- I will show respect to all the members of Iran Airtour VA at all times.

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Qustions about Registerations
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